Iggy Azaela bikinivonalat villantott az EMA-n



Az ausztrál rapper, Iggy Azaela mindent megtett annak érdekében, hogy róla és a ruhájáról szóljon az idei European Music Awards …

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Az ugrás után pedig megtekinthetitek az énekesnő 2 kiemelkedő alkotását, továbbá a cenzúrázatlan villantást…


Eminem életműdíj és fellépés az EMA-n


MTV EMA's 2013 - Show

A 2013-as MTV European Music Awards tegnap éjjel Amsterdamban került megrendezésre, ahol az idei nagy visszatérő Eminem 2 díjat is bezsebelhetett.

Megnyerte a Legjobb Hip-Hop előadónak járó díjat, ugyanakkor hazavihetett egy szobrocskát a Global Icon kategóriában.

A legjobb férfi előadó Justin Bieber lett.

Tech N9ne Feat Krizz Kaliko – Public School



Jöjjön egy kis rap-metal Tecca Nina és Kali Baby előadásában.
Therapy: Sessions With Ross Robinson EP jövő kedden.

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Inuit treasures rediscovered

It started out, according to Judy Kardosh who owns the Marion Scott Gallery, as a "cash flow show" but it wasn’t long before it developed into something else and there was nothing cynical about what it turned into. They seem incapable of anything like cash flow at the Marion Scott.

Treasures came out of the storage room and being a gallery owner, you sometimes forget what you’ve got back
cheap ray bans there. What lay there collecting dust surprised Kardosh and her curator son Robert Kardosh.

The significance of the show, with the exception of a few pieces, is that the sculptors as a rule are not big names in Inuit art. As Robert says, "It goes to show the tremendous talent that is widespread across the North, amongst both the older and younger generations."

There are more than 70 pieces in the show, which is considerably more than was originally planned. They represent pretty well all the regions of the Arctic, and the quality of the pieces is generally so high that you wouldn’t begin to associate the showing with any questionable motive of just turning a profit. This is a beautiful exhibition by any standards and that includes the standards of Rodin and Henry Moore.

Who would not appreciate the shamanistic stone beluga whale of Josiah Nuilaalik with its gracefully curving body and human face? Nuilaalik, who died in 2005, lived in Baker Lake, the only inland Inuit community. His sculpture recalls an unusual occurrence that happened in the 1970s when a beluga somehow managed to swim upstream into the river that flows into Hudson Bay, finally entering Baker Lake. Nuilaalik desperately needed medical help at the time and took the event as an omen. He then lastingly devoted his art to depictions of the occurrence of magic in nature.

There is a little Pangnark, a romantic mountainscape when seen head on, but which when viewed from the end reveals the delicate slashes that define the features of a human face.

I could just as certainly live with that in my living room as I could live with the masterly river otter of Mosusie Tarqiasuq Naluiyuk on my mantel. This is a largish sculpture of an otter devouring fish. The curves of its back, continued by the curves of its tail, amount to more than the execution of a baroque curve by a naive artist who was nevertheless smart enough to intuit for himself an international art term. The rhythm of those curves reproduces in a stone image the exact fluid rhythm of a running otter. It expresses the quiddity of the otter, its very essence.

The older pieces in the show that date to the early 1950s fall to Akeeaktashuk (Inuit artists in those days had only one name). His name was seminal, the first to announce the fact of Inuit art to the South.

These two pieces, both hunters, one with a walrus, are surprisingly small and amazingly fine. It was white forces who persuaded the Inuit that it was somehow "not right" to inlay the faces and hands in ivory or bone, and it was market forces that persuaded the Inuit that it was better to make their work much bigger.

Both influences were wrong, or at least crudely general. The Inuit artists knew what they
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Just look at the minute ivory angel of Mark Tungilik or at his People, Birds, Fish and Animal, which registers 1/2 inch by 2 and 1/4 by
fake ray bans 1, and there are even expressions on the faces of these near microscopic people!

The smooth, dark stone of Peter Sevoga’s Untitled Woman begs to be touched, the windmilling arms and huge parka hood essential to
replica ray bans the form. The Oviloo Tunnillie sled dog with mittens on its feet, in black Arctic marble too reflective to photograph, is equally inviting .

The contemporary pieces are very strange. There’s an enormous stone fist by Toonoo Sharky from Cape Dorset with its sharply incised fingernails, bulging veins, ring on one finger and deeply lined palm. Who would do a piece like this but someone who knows the force of a hand? Art, by its very nature, must always change with the times, yet this piece still falls within the Inuit tradition of carving stone. And who would do as weird a piece as a pair of sunglasses in stone (Jamesie Pitseolak)? For some reason, I thought of an Inuit Man Ray. A Man Ray Ray Ban.Articles Connexes:

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unions reach deal with 2 more hotels

discount ray bans One day before the strike deadline, the Culinary and Bartenders unions negotiating committee reached a tentative agreement with TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc. for new 5 year contracts with the Four Queens Hotel and Casino and the Binion Gambling Hall Hotel.The latest settlements follow the standard of a fair agreement set by earlier deals with other downtown casinos, including the Golden Nugget, Fremont, Main Street Station, El Cortez, and The D.contracts are a great benefit for the entire community, said Geoconda Arguello Kline, Secretary Treasurer of the Culinary Union. workers at Four Queens and Binion can be confident that their jobs will continue to be good jobs. relieved to know that we have a fair contract, said Maria Rocha, a housekeeper
cheap ray bans at the Four Queens.
cheap ray bans can focus on being my best at work because I know that my job is secure. been on strike before to protect my family, said Mario Sandoval, a food server at Binion glad that we were able to
fake ray bans come to a fair deal, but I going to be on the picket line with my friends from other unsettled properties on Sunday. We aren done until we all are done. Culinary Workers Local 226 and Bartenders Local 165, Nevada affiliates of UNITE HERE, represent over 55,000 workers in Las Vegas and Reno, including at most of casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and in Downtown Las Vegas. UNITE HERE represents 270,000 hospitality workers in gaming, hotel, and food service industries in North America.Articles Connexes:

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Teen arrested for killing of duck at park

WESTFIELD, MA (WSHM) "I can thank the police department, all the people in the press, your organization, your TV station, everybody else who came forward because it was really word of mouth that got out there," said Robert McKean, managing director of Stanley Park.Park officials aren the only ones relieved to hear news of the arrest.Westfield residents rallied together in the wake of the killing. Tuesday, they shared their feelings on CBS 3 Springfield Facebook page."That awesome. I don care how old they are they should get the max penalty. If a teenager does something like this now, what will they do when they get older?" asked Earl L."Parents should be fined if this 15 year old is found guilty, then the 15 year old should repay society for his crimes. Volunteering for a year to care for ducks seems appropriate," said Ed T.McKean isn taking the admission lightly either."We would like to see them prosecuted as to
discount ray bans whatever they can and the law will take care of that so that an example can be made," said McKean.Ozzie has been laid to rest outside the Stanley Park office, with a gravestone donated by a Westfield resident."It one of the biggest rallies we ever seen. Ozzie has brought us together,"
cheap ray ban outlet said McKean. detention centerChurch shooting suspect locked up at Charleston Co. detention centerUpdated: Thursday,
fake ray bans June 18 2015 10:01 PM EDT2015 06 19 02:01:12 GMTThe 21 year old man accused of shooting nine people at a historic downtown Charleston church has been locked
discount ray bans up at the the Al Cannon Detention Center following his extradition from North Carolina. More >>The 21 year old man accused of shooting nine people at a historic downtown Charleston church has been locked up at the the Al Cannon Detention Center following his extradition from North Carolina. More >>"The Rock" sideswipes Massachusetts man’s car"The Rock" sideswipes Massachusetts man’s carUpdated: Tuesday, June 16 2015 8:16 PM EDT2015 06 17 00:16:58 GMT"The Rock" sideswipes Massachusetts man’s car (CNN)Teen dies after complications during dentist tripTeen dies after complications during dentist tripUpdated: Wednesday, June 17 2015 11:11 AM EDT2015 06 17 15:11:27 GMTArticles Connexes:

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Multiple offer conditions changing rules of buying a home

In many neighborhoods throughout the greater metropolitan area, multiple offers on homes for sale are more the rule than the exception, and that’s changing the rules for people trying to buy a house.

The multiple offer mania means many buyers must be prepared to look longer, move faster, and spend more money than they planned.

The Prudential Real Estate Sales Manager says in sought after neighborhoods, homes listed in the $300,000 to $500,000 range are in high demand, especially homes that are in move in condition. The competition is fueled by the lack of available homes for sale.

The multiple offer condition means buyers must be uber prepared and expect offers to exceed the asking price. Kruse and other industry experts say it’s not enough to pre
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"There’s no point in even going out and looking at homes until you know what you can purchase because it’s so easy to fall in love with something you can’t afford," Kruse explained.

Experts say ideally, that pre approved loan should be with known lender that has a local office. Kruse says she discourages online lenders.

"It’s really important to have a known, reliable lender. Somebody that you can talk to, who can help
Michael Kors outlet you work
Michael Kors handbag outlet out the problems," said Kruse.

Another multiple offer must: substantial earnest money. Kruse
Cheap Michael Kors handbags advises potential buyers
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet to come to the table with a much earnest money as possible. She recommends at least 2 percent of the asking price, but says in some neighborhoods, 5 percent earnest money is not uncommon.

Buyers should also have the largest down payment possible. With multiple offers, your cash can be
Michael Kors handbags outlet what gets your offer accepted.

The low inventory, high demand market is also changing the game when it comes to home inspections.

"Expect to do your inspection very quickly," said Kruse. "And many buyers are actually doing a pre inspection."

That’s right: pre inspections. In some locations, the competition is so intense, some buyers are paying for full inspections even before they make an offer in order to keep the inspection contingency from locking them out of the game.

A pre inspection means you’re out several hundred dollars if your offer is rejected. But waiving the inspection can stick you with thousands in surprise repair bills. Experts say at the very least, have a very experienced building contractor take a look.

It’s also critical to make sure your real estate agent knows the business, knows the neighborhoods, and educates you about multiple offer strategies. Among the most
Michael Kors outlet valuable strategies be patient and don’t give up. Don’t get so emotionally tied to one particular house that you take risks that could cost you in the long run.Articles
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Articles Connexes:

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Don’t rely on financing when
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Most homeowners think building their own house is exciting and it is. But building new also has its surprises. What’s the big one? How much it ends up costing.

There’s a difference between hard costs and
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet soft costs when it comes to a new build. Contractors talk about the hard costs that’s the cost of the actual build, things such as material, equipment and trades. They don’t usually include taxes in their quotes so you need to add that in yourself.

But there are also soft costs, which you don’t think about if you’ve never built your own home. Expenses such as building application fees, architect fees, engineer fees, municipal permits, soil tests, appraisals and inspections.

And what about the land you’re building on? Do you already own it or do you have to buy it? Has it been surveyed? Does it need to be graded? Does it need servicing, such as hydro, gas, or connecting it to a water source and sewer system?

What about the soil? Is it rocky or is it more like clay? Getting the site prepared for the contractor to start building
Michael Kors discounts can boost the price another $20,000. I’ve seen it happen.

Building your own home can get expensive quickly, which is why most people turn to construction financing or construction loans. Some homeowners might even use construction financing if they’re doing a major renovation, such as an addition. But construction financing is different from a mortgage.

With a mortgage, you receive all the money you’re borrowing from the bank in one lump sum. This happens when you get the title to your property.

With construction financing, most banks don’t hand over a bunch of money for you to start building your home: They give it to you in parts at different stages of the build.
replica Michael Kors handbags These payments are called advances, and depending on the bank, the terms of the loan could be different.

The first advance is given to you at the end of the "rough in" stage usually that means the foundation, subfloor, framing, sheathing and roof are done, and all the electrical and plumbing has been roughed in.

The second advance is given at the end of the "drywall" stage that’s when the exterior is finished, all the windows are in and the heating systems have been installed.

The third and last
replica Michael Kors handbags advance is handed over at the end of the "completed" stage. That’s when all the finished interior doors and flooring have been installed, and all the carpentry, heating, electrical and plumbing are done. It’s at this point that your house can qualify for an occupancy permit.

A portion of the advance is kept as a lien holdback, in case there are any deficiencies or unfinished work. How much depends on the province in which you live.

But if the first advance is given only at the end of the rough in stage, who pays for everything up until that point? You do.

One of the first things homeowners learn about construction financing is that you need your own money
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You’re expected to cover all costs incurred up until the rough in stage, including all land costs, costs to get the area serviced, getting the foundation, subfloor, framing, sheathing and roof done, and getting all the electrical and plumbing roughed in. That works out to about 35 per cent of the total cost of the build.

On top of that, some banks will recommend you have another 15 per cent to cover any unexpected costs. So in total, you should have close to 50 per cent of the total cost in your bank account before the first shovel hits the ground. That’s a lot.

Building your own home is rewarding but it’s also a ton of
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cheap Michael Kors construction nightmare. Construction financing is a great tool. But make no mistake it’s not a handout. Use it wisely.Articles Connexes:

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